Solringz- JPEG to Luxury

From JPEG to a luxury item

The Solringz NFT brings your owned JPEG's to a luxury packaged Solring. Each item is handcrafted by our master jeweler in his digital workshop. There will be only 777 Solringz.

How to get one?

We will hold a golden ticket minting event in late November. Price to be defined based on market conditions (target 2-4 SOL). Later on, you will be able to exchange it for your custom Solring. However, if you can't wait - jump on our pre-sale list, and we will craft it specifically for you. It will cost you 4 SOL, and you will receive it just before the minting event. We have reserved up to 77 Solringz for pre-sale.

Join pre-sale


  • 01 The beginning

    Launch pre-sale for up to 77 early participants.

  • 02 Minting

    Launch remaining tickets to get Solringz. Total will be 777 Solringz.

  • 03 Secondary markets

    List Existing Solringz & Tickets on secondary marketplaces.

  • 04 AR models

    Make AR models of Solringz available to owners.

  • 05 Hall of Solringz

    A place to visit and checkout all existing Solringz.

  • 06 Solringz IRL

    Real-life version of your Solring for purchase.

  • 07 Future Future Jewelry collections based on community voting, and much more!